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About Us

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Genesis was our beginning

Hello and welcome! 

My name is Alton Maurice and I am the owner of Genesis Hairbows. We are a family owned business dedicated to offering High Quality hand made hair bows in various styles colors and sizes for all girls.

We also offer quality wholesale hair bows to stores and shops around the country, especially those that sell infant and children's clothing and accessories.

When I got married my wife Adriana was already an experienced hair bow maker. She introduced me to the business, we started with a few wholesale accounts in 2007 and guess what? I liked it!

Adriana and I were noticing all the dull-colored and sloppily-made hair bows that many people seem to like to buy for their girls from places like china and thought: ~ ...We can do a lot better. We started selling online and have been able to serve increasingly more and more customers.

Adriana says that I am “formidably strict” as the quality control person for our products. This may be true but I just want to make sure that every single hair bow that gets shipped out is of the same high quality that I would want for my own family.

All our hair bows are made at our shop in San Antonio by experienced hair bow makers. We have many wholesale accounts nationally. We have many repeat customers that purchase hair bows from us locally and we also regularly send out orders as far away as Japan, Brazil and the Middle East.

It just warms our hearts whenever we receive feedback from customers like the following:

"The bows were shipped promptly and they are of super high quality - the edges

are burned so they won't fray, and the bows are beautifully done. They look extremely 

expensive and I would highly recommend them and will buy more in the future! 

Thank you!"

Christina Sethi - 
I love my job. It allows me to perform a service and provide an excellent product for those seeking high quality hair bows. It allows me to pay the bills, put food on the table and be with my beloved family every single day. I’m fortunate to be able to speak two languages, to be married to a wonderful woman, to have a beautiful family, and to live in the United States where, if you work hard, you can thrive and prosper.    Contact Us Here.











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